Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Playroom - III

It looks like the sun is FINALLY going to make an appearance today!! The past week has felt more like April than June with the cold and rain... but with all the time spent indoors, I've come up with a few new projects that I'm excited to get started on.

Today, I'm going to share the last of the playroom update photos and I'll also show you how to incorporate kids' art, toys and projects into a space that is both kid and adult friendly. 

Here's the overall look of the playroom. We added color, pattern and texture to build a playful vibe into the space. As you can see in the photo, I included family photos and artwork that hold special meaning for us. Matting and framing the kids' paintings elevates the look. 

I made sure to balance the heaviness of the gallery wall with a few smaller pieces on the opposite end of the room. This allows your eye to follow the art along the entire length of the wall rather than just falling flat after the gallery wall. 

The nice thing about the framed paintings is that we're able to easily switch them out as the boys create new things.

Here is a paint-your-own frame my son colored with markers then sprayed with water for a faded effect. We found an old sketch of the boys from a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese that fit perfectly within the heart opening and figured, why not? Look through what you already have and find ways to incorporate those things you enjoy into your decor. Anything goes!

This frame had no hooks or wire for hanging, so I simply used command strips. Super easy and no damage to the wall if we ever choose to relocate the frame.

What about toys?? There is a way to display them in your space without it looking cluttered, I promise. We have SO many toys, so I like to choose a few that are either interesting shapes or colors, toys that are difficult to store, or something the boys have created. The rest are contained in the storage bins. The trick is to edit it down to a handful of toys that actually add something (a pop or color, texture, pattern, etc.) to the space. 

I don't know about you, but in my house if someone builds something out of Legos or Tinkertoys, it needs to be displayed. If it were up to the boys, these builds would never be disassembled, but then we'd have none left to play with. So we give it a special spot for a bit. The Lego creation above is a transportation station that can travel by air, land or sea. I love to encourage creativity and imagination by displaying things like this for a short period of time. Then we start fresh with something new.

There are always those bulky toys that are difficult to contain. Personally, I don't want to look at every ride-on toy we have, so I created a little niche behind the couch where these are parked. Hidden from view, but easy to access when the boys want to play with them.

This is another little vignette... a wicker basket (I used to put my toys in this as a kid) that holds sports equipment (soccer balls, footballs, mini hockey sticks, rackets, etc.), a dump truck containing a collection of balls (we like to have indoor snowball fights with these), a couple favorite plush toys that add some color, and hanging above is my son's take on Monet's Water Lilies. 

This piece is one of my favorites. When he brought it home, I told him it reminded me of a famous Monet piece. He replied, "I know, Mom." When I flipped it over a few days later to place it in the frame, I saw "Clawd Monay" written on the back and loved it even more. Little things like that make your space feel all the more special to you because of those kinds of connections.

I love the fact that this room is infused with color and just feels happy. It's a great place to play and create. It reflects the kid's imaginations, but is also a fun place for us to be, as adults, with favorite memories and mementos on display. I'm not gonna lie, it's not always this neat and tidy because we do actually use this room a lot. If you look closely, you'll see that there's a bin missing in this photo since the boys were doing a Lego build upstairs while I made dinner (bins make it easy to tote toys to other rooms as well). There's a designated place for everything... and all it takes is a quick clean up. 

Enjoy the sunshine!!

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  1. I love that sketch of the boys from Chuck E. Cheese and great job on the frame Chase or Luke (I assume Chase did it?)