Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Don't Call It A Comeback

Hey guys! I don't know why, but every time I go to write a post title, song lyrics pop into my head. They really do sum things up so nicely.

So it's been... a while. I looked at the date of my last post and couldn't believe so much time had passed. Life definitely got in the way for a bit, but I'm back and I've got things to share. 

Since last time, I've made some updates and tackled a few rooms. I just need to photograph the progress. Read: I need to clean, so I can continue to pretend that my home is always neat and tidy. 

I've decided that I'm going to start including some posts other than my personal projects... think delish recipes, places I'd love to visit, great art, where to shop a look, etc. Basically, things I like and think are worth sharing with you. If you have any design-related questions or if there are things you'd like to see, let me know.

Today, I'm going to show a few updates on our living/dining/work area. This was what the space looked like the last time I shared.

This is what it looks like now.

The tangerine panels are probably the most noticeable difference. I was craving more color for spring/summer and these definitely deliver. Coral tones can be found throughout the living/dining area and I liked the idea of bringing a swath of coral to this end of the space to add balance.

In front of the back window, you'll see a filing cabinet which used to sit to the left of my desk. Since I needed room for my Stella and Dot business materials, this filing cabinet had to scoot over. 

This isn't a permanent home, but until I find one, it works. I did style it, so it feels like it belongs and doesn't look like an afterthought.

While we're talking about styling, here are a few of my favorite tips:
  • Rule of 3: Grouping objects in odd numbers of quantity, primarily groups of 3 for small groupings, creates visual tension as well as a feeling of balance.
  • Vary heights: Choose objects of varying size and height for interest.
  • Color: Choose complementary colors that refer back to the accents in the space.
  • Books: They add height, frame the grouped objects, and add personality and color.
  • Form and function: Choose pieces that you use, have meaning to you or that you simply love to look at (like my shell above). 
  • Flowers: You can't go wrong with fresh blooms.
If you refer back to my update photo, you'll also see a glimpse of this teal green mid-century dresser near the dining table (it used to live in my son's room, as you can see in the photo below). I move things around a lot to fit our changing needs (or just because I feel like it). 

Since my boys have started to accumulate lots of stuff; board games, arts and crafts projects and materials, puzzles, etc., I wanted a place to put it all away. I like our living room to look like a family space, just not overrun with toys. Hence, the relocation of the dresser.

In my constant quest for color, I immediately fell in love with having this piece in our living space, not to mention all the storage it offers! It pops against the pear green wall and fits in perfectly with the other green accents. This is the same color I used on our roman numeral staircase, which is just opposite the dresser. 

Here's a vignette on top of the dresser. 

I like to continue vignettes to the wall if possible and similarly group photos, art or mirrors that coordinate with the styling of the flat surface to gain a greater sense of height and depth.

Here, books make a great pedestal for a bowl of collected seashells. This is a collection of favorite children's books, both mine and my boys'. The stone elephant bookend frames everything nicely and adds a little whimsy. Placing your things at varying depths creates interest and allows your eye to travel around the grouping.

The best part is this update cost nothing. Everything you see was plucked from a different part of the house. If you need a refresh, take a look at what you have at home, move things around and create new combinations. Sometimes it's as simple as grabbing a group of your favorite things to create a vignette that reflects your family. I love to display my kids' artwork and projects to make our space feel like us. 

Stay tuned to see my other projects... you can expect pops of color, as always.


  1. Glad you're back to posting!! I'm jealous of your ability to repurpose stuff you already have and come out with a completely new look! I'll be making a note of your styling tips!

  2. Me too, I have you to thank for that! I like to switch things up a lot (esp when I need a project). Try it, maybe you'll find something around the house for your sunroom update. ��