Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plum Love

I'm so excited to finally be sharing photos of the final table project! There's something about completing a big project like this that gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. It's nice to finally have something for myself. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but sometimes you feel like you lose yourself in the endless requests to keep everyone else content. So this year I'm making a real effort to take care of myself too. I already have some future projects waiting in the basement.

This is the final look... for now. Nothing is ever really done in this house. I like change. But for now, I love the new dining space. I kept the same footprint as far as furniture placement. For now, the desk is staying here, so it made the most sense to keep the dining table against the wall. This saves space, and I like eating in a cozy corner against the windows. 

I put a hold on the banquette idea that I mentioned in the first post of this series. This is one of the original inspiration pics. I still love it and haven't abandoned it yet, but until I work out a realistic bench idea that works with the baseboard heat, and find a new home for my desk (I have an idea, but that room will soon be under construction), placing our table against the windows made the most sense.

This table is slightly larger than the old table and comfortably seats 5 in this layout. I can always pull it away from the wall for additional seating. I'm toying with the idea of getting a bench to store under the table at the window. This way I can easily pull the table forward to accommodate guests, but it also doesn't interfere with our everyday setup. 

I love that the table adds some color to that corner of the space. I've always felt that corner looked too washed out with the rest of the living/dining area. Even though it's a purple, it still reads as fairly neutral, so it's not competing with the mint desk or wall treatments and accents. 

Here's a refresher of where we started so you can see what I mean. 

The new look feels much more open and clean. It was too cluttered before and there was no real focal point. The table and chairs give your eye a place to rest before you notice the rest of the accents in the space. 

I removed the shelves at the back window to give us more room to breathe and it makes a huge difference. 

The other thing I did, which is a nice little trick to open up a space, is move the window panels to the outside of the window frames. I also removed the panels at the inside of the corner, which essentially frames the dining area. This way I'm visually creating a dining area and a work space in one room.

You'll remember from the last post that one of my main reasons for choosing Sherwin Williams Plum Brown was to balance the eggplant colored couch. I think we definitely made the right choice. Now it feels like one unified space. The accents of coral, lime, mint and neutral patterns are continued in both areas, which pulls everything together. 

The paint color actually varies quite a bit when the light changes. I love that it sometimes looks really purple in the sunlight...

but also can read pretty mauve brown in lower lighting. During the process of refinishing the table, I came across this article on my Instagram feed from House Beautiful about the Pinterest Home Colors of the Year. Apparently, I'm right on target.

The table color works nicely with the citrus and grey wall colors as well. Because they're all the same tonally, they create a harmonious mix. Had I gone with the other options that we considered, the table color would've definitely been most dominant.

Even looking at each color swatch on the chair pads, you can see how the Plum Brown recedes and the Grandview (green) and Sunset (orange) colors really dominate the image. 

I chose a high gloss finish on the enamel paint to bring out more of the plum color with the reflection of light. I also wanted an easy-to-clean surface that could hold up to my kids. 

Even though I used a paint suitable for outdoor use, I decided to add a few coats of clear polycrylic on top of the paint to keep the surface even more protected. Can't be too careful in the fight against flying cups and utensils! I put in a lot of work getting a smooth finish on the table, so it only made sense to protect it at all costs. 

The polycrylic is nice because it doesn't yellow or alter the color of the paint. Maybe a shade, according to the gentleman I spoke to at Home Depot, but I didn't notice a difference myself. I have a funny story about the polycrylic, which I'll talk about in my next post on painted furniture and things I learned while working on this project (i.e., what NOT to do).

Here is a shot of the dip-dyed chair legs. These are the chairs that came with our previous table. I wanted to incorporate them, but give them a fun update. I only applied this treatment to 1 chair. I have another to complete, but it's for additional seating so I'm not in any rush. 

I like the idea of mismatched, but coordinating, chairs. In general, I like things that work well together but aren't necessarily a matching set. That way things feel, or actually are, gathered over time and give a sense of history and uniqueness. 

With the table placed against the wall there is space to comfortably seat five. I decided to use 1 of the dip-dyed chairs, a pair of the original chairs with plain legs and a pair of the World Market Clarabella cafe chairs. I like the play of pattern and color with the chairs. There is a common theme with the browns and neutrals, and the plum accents on the dip-dyed chair play off the table. 

Here is a detail shot of the dip-dyed chair legs and the ball and claw feet on the pedestal. The ball and claw detail originally sold me on the table because they added some personality. Now the glossy Plum Brown tabletop offers the same interest with the use of color. The original black paint fell flat.

Yes, that is milk on the chair leg above. It has since been cleaned off. For those of you with little ones, you know what I mean when I say that milk ends up EVERYWHERE, and if you don't wipe it all off immediately it's harder than you'd think to clean off. That's mom life I guess...

These Clarabella cafe chairs are awesome. I absolutely love them. If you haven't checked out World Market, do so. They have great home accents, as well as furniture, at a nice price point and have some really great prints and colors. 

The accent pillows on my couch, most specifically the leopard print pillow, was the inspiration for choosing a brown and cream chair. I knew that the coral, teal, mint and lime accent colors would overpower the table color, so decided to forego them. When I saw the brown and cream chevron cafe chair, it was exactly what I was looking for... neutral with a strong print to give some pop to the dining area. 

I love the combination of plum and chocolate. It feels very rich and homey to me, and also references that vintage look that I'm drawn to. 

The house is really starting to look more like our family, which is a great feeling. I need my space to reflect me and the people I love. It really makes this house our home. 

Check back soon for tips on creating your own painted furniture pieces... 

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