Monday, April 25, 2016

Dining in Color

Spring is actually, finally (!!!), here! I've been in serious spring cleaning mode and I'm loving it. We've been weeding out things that we don't use and donating as much as we can. I'm a much happier girl when my house is organized and the clutter is kept at a minimum. I'd like to say that the clutter is gone, but with two little ones that's just not realistic, so I'll take what I can get.

Last time I mentioned some big projects in the works. One is still in the planning stages, another in progress and one completed. So things are getting accomplished and it's a good feeling. 

So what is this mystery project that is finally done? A new (to us) dining room table. I've been unhappy with the table we've had in the dining room for a while now. As a family of four with a small dining area, this table is not ideal for us. 

It's a nice, solid table but with the small dining area we have, that is also currently doubling as a work space for me, the rectangular shape isn't the best at space-saving or accommodating guests. This table actually has a self-contained leaf which is a nice feature, except that the table then becomes a massive square. In a room that is rectangular and has to serve multiple functions, it is just not the best use of our space.

In my head, I knew that I wanted a round pedestal table, ultimately one with a leaf so I have the option of seating a larger number of people. So in my inspiration gathering, I came across the two following photos on Instagram from a couple of accounts that I follow and loved them for a few different reasons.

I really love the idea of a banquette, which seems like a comfy spot for the kids (or me!) and looks like it'd be a space-saving solution for my rectangular room. It feels more cozy and I imagine spending lazy Sunday mornings here eating breakfast and lounging.

The other thing I love is the use of color and texture. I mentioned before that I'd be adding some more color to my space in mindful ways and this dining room project was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I also have to say that I am completely obsessed with bistro chairs like the ones pictured above. There's something quaint, yet sophisticated about them. They remind me of an outdoor Parisian cafe and I can definitely get behind having that vibe in my home.

So I took to Craigslist and actually came upon this table fairly quickly. I fell in love with the ball and claw detail on the feet. This pedestal table was perfect for what I was looking for and also has a leaf. The price was right and, in true Craigslist style, of course I bargained them down a bit which made it even better.

So we all piled in the truck and brought this guy home. I wasn't feeling the black tabletop, but I do like the contrasting tabletop and pedestal. I like black furniture in general, but for me and this project, it just felt too obvious. I also wasn't crazy about the finish. Excuse the poor lighting in my garage, but here you can see the pattern created by the spray paint applied by the previous owners. 

So I got to work right away sanding the tabletop to prep for paint...

 with one of my little helpers. He was supervising... and posing for photos.

Luckily, my husband realized that furniture refinishing might become a hobby for me and bought us a Ridgid orbital sander which made the sanding process MUCH faster and easier. You can see here that the difference between hand and machine sanding is pretty great.

Now that the table was all sanded, it was time to select a paint color. This is my favorite part of any project. I have always loved color and get excited at the prospect of using color to create something that feels more personal.

You saw in the first few photos that my living/dining area is painted in a silvery, blue-grey (Sherwin Williams Samovar Silver) and a lemony, pear green (Benjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask (note: this color reads differently in different types of lighting and against different colors)). In the living room, I have an eggplant-colored couch and accents of coral, teal, mint and neutrals.

Considering the other colors in the living area, I pulled 3 options for the table from my Sherwin Williams specifier kit; Plum Brown, Grandview and Sunset.

I knew which way I was leaning; the dark muted purple (Sherwin Plum Brown) seemed like a nice balance for my eggplant couch and worked well with the wall colors. I consulted with the boys who were split between the teal (Sherwin Grandview) and tangerine colors (Sherwin Sunset). So it was up to my husband for the tie-breaker. He's not afraid of color either so I honestly wasn't sure which he'd choose, though I was pretty sure the orange was out... 

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post to see which color we picked and the extra project I created to tie things together.

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