Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And the winner is...

I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting to find out what color we chose to paint the table, so here goes...

My husband, Brian, cast his vote and lucky for him (ha!), he agreed with me. The boys were not thrilled and I heard, "I want an ORANGE table!!," literally every time we passed the table in the garage. Needless to say, I may have to use that Sunset orange somewhere in the house to make my little one happy. But I had my reasons for the Plum Brown beyond just the aesthetic...

First, the dining table is where the boys do all their projects, crafts, mixing for baking and general mess making. Our old table was covered with pen marks, marker and honestly, who knows what else. I'm sure there are dried up, multi-colored bits of Play-Doh in the seam where the leaf goes. So with the Plum Brown being a darker, more muted color, it would definitely hide the most mayhem.

Second, since our couch, which is in the opposite corner of the living/dining area, is an eggplant purple color, I liked the idea of having another dark purple on this end of the room to balance the space overall.

While I do love the Grandview (green) and Sunset (orange) colors and may keep them in mind for future projects, I felt that they both were too much saturated color for such a large coverage area (i.e., when the leaf is in the table) and for the look that I was going for.

 I was also keeping in mind the citrus colored accent wall, and the colorblock wall in the same citrus color and silver grey where my desk sits, so I wanted a color that could also read as a neutral.

I have a generally traditional aesthetic mixed with some more contemporary, clean-lined pieces and accents of color to make everything feel more current, but I also have a lot of sentimental touches that have a vintage feel.

The Plum Brown felt like the natural choice for that mix. So I bought an Interior/Exterior High Gloss enamel in the same color and got to work painting.

I chose the Indoor/Outdoor paint and the glossy finish in hopes that it would be the most resistant to anything my boys throw at it. I mean that literally. I applied a number of thin coats to get an even finish and to cover the old black spray paint.

You can see here the difference between the sample chip and the actual table is quite different due to the finish of the paint. The gloss reflects more light and reads more purple than the satin sample chip. Just something to keep in mind when selecting paint color and finish.

Here is the finished table with the leaf...

and without.

You can also see that the color varies when the light changes from a greyed out, brown purple to a mauve purple. I love to see how color changes based on lighting and in relation to surrounding colors. Can you tell that I loved Color Theory?

Anyway, at this point I was thinking about chairs. I was still in love with the bistro chairs I mentioned in the first post. They can be quite expensive. I did some searching and came across these Clarabella cafe chairs from World Market. They were perfect.

They come in a set of 2 and were on sale for 50% off (what?!). The brown, cream and grey combination (they also come in red if anyone is interested) was perfect with the Plum Brown I used on the table, and with the other brown and cream tones throughout the living and dining rooms. I also liked the chevron pattern paired with the dalmatian dot chair pads I DIY'ed not long ago.

I ordered a set and they came pretty quickly and were packaged to weather anything. Speaking of weathering, these are woven vinyl and can be wiped down easily which seemed like a natural match for my boys.


Here are the three pieces together. I love this combination so much!

After looking at the table and chairs together, I had an idea to bring a little more of the purple into the mix. I have been loving dip-dyed chair legs for some time. I keep seeing them everywhere and the idea has been on my to-do list for a while. I wanted to keep my old dining chairs because they still work with the scheme and because I didn't want to have to buy all new chairs. The idea of updating them to fit with this project was a no-brainer.

So I got to work taping each leg 5" from the base. Yes, I used masking tape. I was out of painter's tape and it was the middle of the night, so I went with it and it actually worked fine. Had this been a painted surface I would've waited until I had the painter's tape.

I hand sanded each leg and applied 3 coats of the Plum Brown to each leg.

I love the combination of purple and brown. It adds a little whimsy to a pretty basic chair.

Here is a late night garage pic of the table and chair together. It's a nice little unexpected pop of color.

Look for the final post in this dining table series coming soon to see the finished dining room...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The table came out great! I LOVE those chairs - they look so good with it! Did you guys get rid of your other couch?

    1. Thank you!! I really love it. I'm glad I went with the plum brown. The chairs are amazing, World Market is the best! Our couch is in the (almost finished) playroom... reveal coming soon!

    2. Thank you!! I really love it. I'm glad I went with the plum brown. The chairs are amazing, World Market is the best! Our couch is in the (almost finished) playroom... reveal coming soon!