Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pillow Fight!

 The Minion bedroom project for my son is underway! Kids' rooms are so much fun to work on. You can really play around and take risks, and be a little more whimsical in your choices than you might be in other spaces.

It's been great to see my son's reactions thus far and to get his input along the way. Kids definitely make the most honest clients. My son is no exception and has no problem telling me what he thinks... ever. So far, so good.

When we decided to do a Minion room, I knew that I wanted to simplify the bedding. I think that this makes for a more personal space and also offers more flexibility. I wanted to take the Minion concept and colors and work from there, rather than just purchasing a Minion bedding set and calling it a day.

I did some looking on Pinterest for inspiration, and this was a great reference for color. I modified the yellow slightly since I wanted something a bit softer that would still give the impression of the Minions.


My idea was to break the bedding choices down into the basic yellow, denim and gray seen in the original Minions. This way, if we ever move on from the Minions (which is not likely any time soon), I can still rework these pieces into a different concept.

I settled on yellow sheets, a denim comforter and a gray bedskirt. I also purchased a solid yellow and a solid denim throw pillow with plans to DIY each into something more decorative and personal to the project.

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a thing for throw pillows which, according to my husband, borders on obsession. Throw pillows are such an easy way to add personality and depth to a look. Because the bedding I selected was so simple and more grown up than what you usually see for kids, I wanted to have some fun and be a bit more literal with the throw pillows.

* Forgive the lack of pictures in this post. Being a new blogger and a generally impatient/excitable person when it comes to home projects, I tend to just jump right in. In hindsight, I see that I need to remind myself to take more pictures as I'm creating.

I knew that I wanted to paint the pillows by hand, so I stopped at Walmart and grabbed a few fabric paints in white, metallic black and metallic silver. 

My plan was to turn the yellow pillow into a minion face and the denim one into the Minion's overalls with the Gru logo. The bedding plan is just basically a simplified, large-scale version of a Minion. 

I started by painting the white circle for the Minion's eye. 

I used a brush to cover the area and get a base coat down. This also helped to cover any bleeding of the paint on the fabric with the second coat.

I liked the texture of the paint and wanted to give the design some dimension, so for the rest of the pillow I applied the paint straight from the bottle as if I were sketching the design, in a back-and-forth pattern.

Here's the Minion.

Next, I had to tackle the Gru logo on the Minion's overalls. I quickly sketched it in pencil from my son's Minion plush and filled in with the black paint. 

Here are the pillows drying. After looking at the denim pillow next to the Minion pillow, I just wasn't happy with it. It looked flat and uninteresting. So late that night, after looking at it for the 50th time, I decided to add a border with the silver paint to add a little contrast and to make the logo pop.

The silver made a huge difference in the readability of the logo on the denim fabric.

Here are the final pillows along with a sneak peek at the bedding. Excuse the wrinkles for now.

This DIY pillow project was such an easy, inexpensive way to add something special to my son's room. When I showed him the finished pillows, I got an excited, "Mom, did you make these for me?!" He immediately stacked them on top of one another to make a Minion. Mission accomplished.

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